What people have to say about...


… our service:

“I think that if anyone has the opportunity to work with Pacesetter, gets to know the people behind the operation, and finds out what fine quality people they are, they’ll understand why we have a long-term relationship with them.”

Barron Cagle
General Manager
Moving and Storage Firm

“Pacesetter is always able to help our industry. Often we’ll have things that aren’t in the budget…that weren’t planned…so if a last minute emergency shows up, we’re able to call PPS. Even if it’s just something general, they are the extra help we weren’t ready for.”

Kevin Murray
Project Manager
Commercial Construction

“We had a situation on a Sunday evening. We had about 15 people call in sick at the last minute. Our night manager picked up the phone and said he needed an additional 12 people. Within 30 minutes, there was a van driver outside dropping off those 12 people to help us get through the night.”

David Allen
Transportation Manager
Distribution Company

“For the last month I’ve been a steady customer every day…I wouldn’t be as far as I am and have the people moved in here without the use of PPS. I couldn’t have done it.”

Harold Snyder
Vice President
Commercial Developer


… employment with PPS:

“I was hired initially as a salesman for the Company and after about two years was promoted to General Manager in our Austin division. I was there for about 15 years, and then in July of 2004 I moved to Houston and have been the General Manager here ever since.”

Todd Stinnett
PPS General Manager

“My assistant manager actually has enjoyed about 24 years of employment with PPS—that’s more than me. My senior sales people have been here over 20 years. I have a number of dispatchers who have been with the Company equally as long. Having that seniority and that much experience just enables us to provide better service.”

Barry Kinggard
PPS General Manager